Heather Road

Contract: Proposed New Dwelling House, Heather Road, Nemphlar
Client: Private
Contract Description:

We were asked to design a four bedroom single dwelling house for a rural site in Nemphlar, Lanark. The site is in a small village in the Clyde Valley with spectacular uninterrupted views north and south. We therefore approached the design from an “upside – down” plan to allow all the main living spaces to be situated at first floor level and look south over the fields and countryside.

Strict Planning requirements constrained the heights, roof design and materials used. However within their restrictions we designed a main south facing glazed first floor elevation with full length balcony. Timber panels slide along the glazing when shading is required and also a brise soleil solar shading system is full length along the glazed adding a 3 dimensional quality to the design.

All four bedrooms are situated at the south and front on the ground floor and privacy is protected by a raised front garden. Circulation and bathroom and wet areas are designed on the north of the plan.


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