Clifford Lane

Contract: 9 Flats and 3 mews houses
Client: Private
Contract Description: planning consent gained

The site is a back lane location within the existing city block bounded by Paisley Road West and Clifford Street. The site presently houses some vacant warehouse/office buildings. The existing buildings cover the entire curtilage of the site and its rear wall lies on the boundaries of the site. Clifford Place is a truncated road which ends facing the existing warehouse office buildings of the Lane.

The intent of the proposal is to create a ‘focus’ residential building at the end of Clifford Place which will complete the cul de sac by creating the missing link. The proposed flatted development will sit at the end of the street with the lower height mews along Clifford Lane itself. This gives the added benefit that the view from Clifford Street, along Clifford Place which currently highlights the rear of the properties on Paisley Road West, will now have the main front, south facing elevation as the new focus. The proposed materials will be complimentary to those of the surrounding area and used within a modern context.


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