Contract: Hotel, Spa and Lodges Development
Contract description: Conversion and extension of country house to Hotel

This planning application is to convert the existing farmhouse with its number of outbuildings and land to form a hotel development.

The conversion of the existing house and barns to form a hotel has been designed to maintain of the original house as retaining its dominance in the overall scheme. Because of the very nature of the site with its steeply sloping wooded perimeter around the farm buildings and house it is possible to increase the floor area without adversely affecting the views and original dominance of the house.

The conversion of the barns into a restaurant would be done by maintaining the existing walls with addition of a skylight and windows that are in scale with the existing house and using materials to match the original house. The proposed function suite would be built as a glass conservatory with additional space linked below ground allowing the rear gardens to be maintained.

The new wing of the hotel would be maintained below existing roof lines and be built as a reflection of the barns at the opposite elevation. The glazed link creates a break in the slate roofs to separate the existing from the new. The massing and scale of this new wing has been designed to reflect the stable wing, using materials would match the existing buildings with white rendered walls, timber windows and lead flat dormers. The style of dormer is a direct reflection of the existing square roof dormers of the original farmhouse and the fenestration reflects the proportions of the existing house.

An existing outbuilding will be converted into a spa facility which would fit within the existing footprint of the existing byre. Future development, as shown, in the overall plan is an area for chalets in the adjoining lower land and sits isolated by the landform screened by heavy woodland.

Planning permission for this project has been granted.


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