Irvine Industrial Units

Contract: Industrial units, Irvine
Contract Description: feasibility study

We were asked to carry out a feasibility study and outline design for an industrial estate site in Irvine to replace outdated industrial units.

The brief was clear in that the units had to be of mixed sizes of 1000ft2, 2000ft2 and 3000ft2 units which would be flexible enough to be used as office units, industrial storage units or retail outlets. We designed the layout of the business park to be eye catching from the outside but the layout was such that we created semi-public private areas within the estate with each unit having a private front entrance and identity. The nature of the roof design also ensured that units were easily recognisable from the road due to the differing heights of the eaves according to unit size and use.

The units had to be designed to be visible and ‘high profile’ when passing on the adjacent motorway and we designed a series of interlinking curved metal profile roofs that would be seen from the motorway as undulating waves.

The materials were standard, low maintenance metal profiled cladding, but the entrance area and office mezzanine were treated in timber cladding and glazing. The units were flexible in design in that they could mix the design ‘kit of parts’ to suit each individual occupier and be specific to their business needs and requirements.


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